Pie Attack

Pie Attack
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Pie Attack helpless police – only special Pie Attack forces can stop bad guys attack game! In addition, there are a few older women in the hideouts. Please do not throw cookies into them. If not – it’s time to attack Pie! Oh no! A super bad cake of a villain invaded the city! Helpless Police – Only Special Pie Attack can stop the bad guys! In addition, there are a few older women in the hideouts (not knowing what the bad guys did with the older women). Please, do not throw bread in them anymore army attack game. Otherwise – it’s time to attack Pie Pie! They shoot bad guys take over the tower. Take them off and pay attention to civilians. Gangsters are at home on the road! Throwing the dough in the face, they will teach them! Climb from floor to floor and defeat funny villains with a perfect cake. But be careful! If you’re not fast enough, gangsters with buns are throwing at you and if you get too much, the attack game ends. Break high scores and become a baking master at Pie Attack!

Features attack game :

  • Free and free game for you to relax math games for adults.
  • Simple graphics sound unique and attractive.
  • Many difficulty levels and challenges with the attack game screen.
  • Save your scores and achievements attack zombies game.

How to play attack game :

  • Open your screen up and get ready for unique attack game.
  • Click throwing the cakes at the bad guys hiding on the floor.
  • If you throw the wrong force, the police force will lose.
  • There are only 3 opportunities for you to try attack the game.

Some screenshots from the game:

attack game

attack zombies game

attack the game

A unique and interesting attack game for you to try and try to defeat bad guys on the floor and win high scores, besides you can refer to some other good games!

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Pie Attack
5 (100%) 1 vote

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