Stones Of Pharaoh

Stones Of Pharaoh
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Stones Of Pharaoh  solve the mystery of the pyramids in this classic match 3 game free of pharaoh’s stones. The objective of the game is to clear the field by combining two or more blocks of the same color. Be careful: you will lose a life for each block to be clicked. You will need all the logical skills and a good strategy to achieve high scores in this difficult puzzle game – are you ready for the trip to Egypt? Stone of Pharaon is an HTML5 jigsaw puzzle game. The objective of the game is to delete all the networks, combine two or more blocks of the same color. Users will lose a life if a single block is clicked.Entertainment game based on a combination of Breaking Bricks, Breaking Bricks on GameVui. To play Pharaoh’s Wall, players find the same colored bricks, break them and complete the level.

Features of the match 3 game free :

  • Free HTML5 game for you the most engaging puzzle math games for adults.
  • Beautiful graphics sound vivid like ancient Egyptian match 3 game free online .
  • How to play as simple as breaking the wall many levels of play.
  • Save your achievements and scores for the final game best match 3 game .

How to play games :

  • Open your screen and get ready for this puzzle match 3 game free.
  • Use the mouse to select blocks of the same color and symbol.
  • Complete break as many blocks as you get more points match 3 game online .
  • Notice the number of hearts if one or more blocks are left free match 3 game download .

Some pictures in the game :

match 3 game free

match 3 game free online

best match 3 game

An mysterious fascinating ancient puzzle game like you are exploring ancient Egyptian characters in addition you can refer to many other match 3 game free.

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Stones Of Pharaoh
5 (100%) 1 vote

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