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Looney Roonks
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Looney Roonks act quickly before the eccentric monsters fall on the cliffs! Your task is to put 3 rooks in a row and do it as soon as possible because they move very fast match 3 game online. These demons will soon fall on the cliff. The only way to stop them is to place the same three demons in the same row. Keep an eye on the demons. Because the horizontal rows are moving forward and you can only move the first demon from each row. Move the demons and do not let them fall into the pool match 3 game online! The little crazy Roonks are running along the edge of the cliff like lemmings! Save as many Rooks as possible, combining 3 similar Rooks. It will restore their senses and instantly teleport them away from their crazy cliffs! Use your finger to move Roonks around, but remember that you can only move Roonk in a row. Bring Roonks back to their consciousness and save as much as possible! Languag support .

Features match 3 game online :

  • Free match 3 game for you to play match 3 games free online .
  • The most attractive and addictive sound sound graphics.
  • Simple gameplay but challenging is not always the easiest math games for adults.
  • Save your achievements and scores online match 3 game.

How to play match 3 game online:

  • Open your device and get ready for match 3 game.
  • Using the same 3 Rook mouse does not slip off the road.
  • The more you combine, the higher your score.
  • Finally wish you to have fun and win the highest score match 3 game online free.

Some screenshots from the game:

match 3 game online

online match 3 game

match 3 game online free

A very dramatic and dramatic match 3 game online with a fast speed you need to complete quickly and properly, besides you can refer to some other good games!

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Looney Roonks
5 (100%) 1 vote

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